Copper & Its Benefits


Ayurvedic medicine has long-promoted using copper for storing water and credits it with having a number of healing properties.

Copper is a vital mineral for humans. When water is stored in a copper vessel, a process of ionisation occurs in which minerals infuse the water. These small deposits can then be absorbed after drinking.


  1. Metabolism & Digestion: Copper is essential to the metabolic processes. It also has properties that stimulate peristalsis- which is a key process involved in digestion & flushing the digestive tract.

  2. Immunity: Copper is involved in a number of immune enzymes and is a great immunity booster. Studies also show copper to be anti-bacterial, helping to ward off disease. Much of the reason copper vessels are used so widely in India (where water-borne diseases are prevalent) is due to it being oligodynamic.

  3. Skin: Copper water is rich in anti-oxidants which helps to fight off free radicals, protecting your skin against breakouts. It is key in the development of new cells, therefore working in replenishing the skin-promoting a fresh, glowing complexion.

  4. Brain Function: Copper is is known to aid the fluid transmission of neurons to the brain. This, coupled with natural hydration, contributes to improved brain stimulation.

  5. Nutrient Absorbtion: Copper facilitates the absorption of other key minerals and nutrients from the food we eat.

  6. Joints: Copper possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent conditions such as arthritis by maintaining supple joints.

  7. Anti-Ageing: Copper plays a role in the synthesis of myelin, melanin and collagen which helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation.

  8. Cardiovascular Health: Copper supports the efficient utilisation of iron in the body. This contributes to a healthy red blood cell count and helps in regulating blood pressure.

Copper Care


Unlike many of the other copper products on the market, Tamra uses top grade, 100% pure copper to ensure the maximum potential of the material.

Our products have been thoughtfully designed to be both practical & beautiful whilst staying true to the age-old copper craft within India.

Our water bottles are re-usable and BPA free and therefore make a fantastic alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

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