Our Causes



Hope Foundation is an NGO with over 50 programs across 19 cities within India. Their projects range from education & healthcare to mentoring and female empowerment.

TAMRA specifically supports the Village of Hope: a community based in the outer districts of Delhi. The Village of Hope was the product of an initiative between Hope & the Department of Social Welfare in 1993 whereby close to 800 homes were newly built for people affected by leprosy.

25 years on: the Village of Hope is a thriving community and what was a rehabilitation scheme has extended further to benefit the wider community. A vocational training centre has been started in which new skills, such as tailoring and business management, are taught to the community to benefit their livelihoods. 

Our reusable drawstring bags were stitched by the girls of the village as part of their women empowerment scheme- teaching underprivileged women key skills to better their chances in life.

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